Pool, Hot Tub & Spa Care Cleaning Products In Cotati, CA and Sonoma County

When it comes to swimming pools and spas, there are so many more benefits than simply taking the occasional dip. From gentle stretching exercises to high-intensity workouts, pools can be monumental for boosting personal health and wellness. In addition to our unique line of custom pools, Sonoma Backyard also offers a wide variety of pool and hot tub care products in Cotati, CA & Sonoma County to help you get the most use out of it as possible.

Our selection of aerobic equipment, swim-pro harnesses, and powerful swim jets allow you to exercise the way you want. By incorporating accessories for swim spas, not only can you make your backyard look it’s best but you can also have the equipment you need to get in shape.

Hot Tub Care Products

Just as you get yourself the things you need to stay healthy, you should also ensure your hot tub and swim spa water is getting the treatment it needs to remain clean and safe. Water care chemicals, mineral boosts, and helpful accessories from Sonoma Backyard make it easy to care for the water in your hot tub, spa or pool. We’re also proud to carry filters and cleaning products for all custom spa and pool models we offer. Check out our Spa Care maintenance kits for all your hot tub and spa care product needs in Cotati, CA & Sonoma County.

An Easier Way

Go the extra mile in keeping your pool in mint condition by installing an easy-to-use cover. Our specialty roll-up covers can be quickly removed when it’s time to swim and easily rolled back out when you’re done. These unique covers help to protect your pool or spa from potentially hazardous elements so it’s ready to go when you’re ready to swim.

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