Prepping Your Backyard for a Deck

A deck will not only make your backyard look beautiful, but it is also a place to unwind with family and friends. There are many design ideas you can think of, but before the process, you need to make sure the ground you are going to work on is ready for the deck. At the same time, ensure, you have the required government authorizations if required before the work commences.

Pool Design Ideas for Smaller Backyards

Even with a small backyard there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the same luxury and ambiance as someone with 20 acres to work with. The difference is that styling is scaled down from the 600-square foot traditional version to a more manageable 350-square foot version. Yet, these little beauties have just as much, and sometimes more, charm and allure than their larger counterparts. Additionally, small pools negate the need to utilize all available space in a small backyard for the feature.

How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

You can enjoy the ambiance and natural beauty of the outdoors by extending your kitchen and dining areas outside. As an extension of indoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens are today used for much more than barbecues. Although the grill might still be the central fixture, most of us want the same conveniences we have indoors, if not more. With plenty of materials and innovative outdoor appliances to choose from, we are no longer confined to a few specific features. Today, custom outdoor kitchens can include fireplaces, smokers, roasting spits, side burners, pizza ovens, warming drawers, and wet bars. However, creating an aesthetically appealing, functional, and safe outdoor kitchen involves careful planning and effort. Here are some important factors to consider:

Spring Cleaning: Getting Your Patio Furniture Ready for Summer

As spring temps begin to climb, it provides a perfect opportunity to get outside and get patio furniture cleaned off and restored, ready for summer entertaining. Cleaning outdoor patio furniture can sometimes present something of a challenge, since dirt has often had several months to accumulate. This is particularly true in cold, wet climates, since snow and rain often create a thick mud that can coat outdoor furniture, making it hard to clean in the spring. Here is a breakdown of how to clean or restore different types of patio furniture to help you tackle the task.