Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture

Strength. Durability. All-season beauty.

Transform your patio or deck into a splendid outdoor dining area with lightweight, non-rusting cast aluminum patio furniture. No room for furniture in the garage? No worries. You can leave it outside through the winter.

Most cast aluminum patio furniture is powder coated and finished in various colors. Powder coating is a process that utilizes powder paint particles that adhere to the metal pieces using electronic charges. Then the paint is baked onto the furniture, which increases the strength of the material and helps it resist chipping, flaking, and scratching.

Ideal for outdoor use, cast aluminum furniture comes in many different styles ranging from very simple to more ornate for a more elegant feel. You simply choose the style that best complements your backyard. This furniture can be customized even further with Sunbrella cushions in the color of your choice. Another benefit is that you can purchase one piece or an extensive set including dining table, sofas, chaises, and bar tables.

We proudly offer the following Cast Aluminum furniture product lines:

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